You'll love living at Wills Place

Will Place Apartment
Wills Place Building facade
Wills Place Heritage Facade

Comprising 200 apartments, the building has a distinct identity, yet still remains respectful to the existing context of the Flagstaff area, with the classic 1930’s heritage façade at the centre of Wills Street being retained at the street frontage.

Set in an ideal location and complemented by an on-site gym, pool, library, residents' kitchen and a private dining space for entertaining, as well as the provision of motorbike and bicycle storage, it offers residents enviable amenities and a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

The design of Wills Place incorporates an efficient layout of spaces, with a focus on harnessing an abundance of ambient and natural light throughout. Internally, a seamless integration of services, such as concealed air-conditioning units, helps to create homely and welcoming interior sanctuaries.

Residents' Pool

Quality, natural finishes are visible in the use of timber, stone and carpets, and the circulation of fresh air throughout the individual apartments is facilitated with the inclusion of operable windows.

A considered effort to achieve an excellent energy rating demonstrates the building’s inherent ESD initiatives. In addition, an efficient approach to the wiring of apartments allows for fast, future data and telecommunications management throughout the complex.

Ultimately, through a balance of vibrant architectural and geographical influences, the Wills Place development combines design with the local context and history of the site to create a unique residential development for the inner-city dweller.

Residents' Lounge